Karmenta empowers women and men

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Karmenta is a clinic for gynecology and urology in Brabant

Karmenta empowers women, and men

When, as a woman, or man, you experience specific complaints, Karmenta listens to you carefully. We use all our knowledge and experience to make sure we give you the best options available. Together we’ll decide on a treatment that suits you perfectly.

At Karmenta you’re never just a number, in our independent care centre you will get all the cares and attention you need.

Sometimes you just want to decide for yourself which medical care you need

Your life, your choices

Sometimes your complaint doesn't get you any further in the regular medical care world. Your GP does not refer you, the health insurance does not reimburse a treatment, or the hospital cannot help you further. You don't feel heard. At Karmenta we have the knowledge and experience to sometimes help you further. That is often uninsured care that you have to pay yourself, but at Karmenta you can at least make your own choice.

  • Gynecological check-up

    Worried but no complaints? The check-up is also possible ithout medical indication
  • MonaLisa Touch® lasertreatment

    Better blood circulation means less pain and dryness

We are proud of the enthusiastic reactions we receive

What do women think about Karmenta

  • Ada, 19, Schijndel

    Very satisfied and very lovely people! Thanks for the help.
  • Preferably without name, 60, Geldrop

    I was seen by Dr Bouwma, she immediately understood my issues and fears that came with them. She had a solution for me with the Mona Lisa Touch treatment. Now I feel free and like a woman again!
  • Emmy, 58 years, Veghel

    I was able to come by really quickly. Got seen in a very friendly and calm manner. The Gynecologist dr Haitsma was very helpful, understanding and careful. I’ve never received that kind of treatment at a gynecologist before and I’ve been to many hospitals. If I ever have to go to a gynecologist again I will definitely come to Schijndel. Thank you very much for the nice way of helping me.
  • Preferably anonymous, 58 jaar, 's-Hertogenbosch

    I want to give a massive compliment to Dr Bouwma. Been dealing with issues for years. Nobody took me seriously. 1st check-up at Karmenta she immediately identified that I had an abdominal prolapse. The operation couldn’t be done in Schijndel. I got referred to St Anna in Geldrop because I didn’t want to go to JBZ. I was operated there and the result was perfect. I’m so happy txs.
  • Preferably anonymous, 30, Uden

    Very nice, the constant explaining of what is gonna happen, how something looks and what the effect is.
  • Anonymous, 60, Sint-Oedenrode

    I’m so happy that I can come to someone with my menopausal complaints who actually understands what I’m talking about! And then also does all the medication and check-ups.

    Featured & contemporary

    The gynecologists at Karmenta select the best treatments for our patients. And we employ our knowledge and experience to criticise, research and introduce innovations and new, promising methods of treatment at our clinic.

    New incontinence treatment: Urolon®

    Urolon® is a fairly new, innovative treatment to prevent urinary issues. A good method, without slings or pads.

    Mona Lisa Touch® laser treatment

    From November 2019 Karmenta offers the innovative Mona Lisa Touch treatment to provide a long term fix for vaginal dryness.

    Long wait for contraception?

    At Karmenta you will be seen within 10 days to place your IUD (Mirena®, Kyleena®) or birth control implant (Implanon®)

    We’re in the middle of Brabant and will welcome you with open arms

    And coffee in the waiting room! (temporarilly out of order, excuses!) You’ll find us in the middle of Brabant, not far from ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven. A 10 minute drive from the A2, right next to a square with tons of free parking space.

    Medisch Centrum Schijndel

    Visiting Address

    Telephone : +31-(0)73 - 7200 993
    Fax : +31-(0)73 - 7200 908
    e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    Opening Times

    • Work days :

      08:30 - 17:30 uur

    • Lunch
      12:30 - 13:00 uur

    Karmenta can be reached over the phone on all work days from 08:30 - 17:00