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Rates for uninsured care

Rates for uninsured care

Insured care? (treatment is covered by your health insurance policy)

If you have a referral from a GP, Karmenta's medical care is usually covered by your health insurance policy. It depends on the insurance policy you took out. Then take a look at this page about reimbursements.

Uninsured care (pay it yourself)

You are not insured for healthcare in the Netherlands? You don't have a referral from your GP? Sometimes you just want to pay for specialist medical care yourself, and with Karmenta this is also possible.

Rates for gynecological treatments

Codedescription rate 
  Karmenta Gynecological consultations & ultrasounds  
KAR0001 Karmenta First consultation gynecology (o)  €       100,00
KAR0002 Karmenta Repeatconsultation gynecology or consultation by telephone (o)  €         59,00
KAR0003 Karmenta Ultrasound of the abdominal organs  €       149,00
KAR0004 Karmenta Gynecological advice and consultation & ultrasound  €       249,00
  Karmenta Fertility consultations & ultrasounds  
KAR3001 Karmenta First consultation fertility & ultrasound (own request)  €       249,00
KAR3002 Karmenta Repeat consultation fertility & ultrasound (own request)  €       149,00
KAR3003 Karmenta Consultation on fertility & ultrasound (for treatment elsewhere)  €       149,00
KAR3004 Karmenta Ultrasound fertility  (for treatment elsewhere/own request)  €         89,00
  Karmenta Verrichtingen & behandelingen  
KAR4005 Karmenta IUD insertion  €       179,00
KAR1002 Karmenta IUD  (the IUD as a separate product)  €       139,00
KAR4001 Karmenta Labia correction, single-sided  €       825,00
KAR4002 Karmenta Labia correction, double sided  €   1.250,00
KAR4003 Karmenta (Mona Lisa Touch) Laser Treatment  €       400,00
KAR4004 Karmenta Sedation at the request of the patient  €       195,00
KAR4006 Karmenta Foamcho PLUS material kit  €       219,00
KAR4007 Karmenta Bartholinian cyst extirpation and follow-up  €       249,00
KAR4011 Vasectomy (sterilization of the man) €         479,=
KAR4012 ERA test (please bring your own shipping label to the fertility clinic) €         199,=
KAR4015 HPV vaccination (excl. consultation doctor) €         159,=
KAR4016 HPV Vaccination, handling costs 2nd and 3rd vaccination €           40,=
KAR1003 Karmenta Cervix smear  €         99,00
KAR1004 Karmenta HPV test  €         79,95
KAR4010 Karmenta HPV test & administration and results  €       179,00
KAR1005 Karmenta SOA-test 3-1  €         49,95
KAR4008 Karmenta SOA-test 3-1 & administration and results  €       149,00
KAR1006 Karmenta Chlamydia test  €         44,95
KAR4009 Karmenta Chlamydia test & administration and results  €       145,00
KAR1007 Karmenta GBS cultivation  €         34,95



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