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Online Doctor’s Office (Videocalling)

Online Doctor’s Office (Videocalling)

Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020

You can videocall with a gynecologist from Karmenta in the online doctor’s office (videoconferencing), to discuss your issues. In order to videocall you’ll need an account on this website, which will give you access to the patient portal. 


To open the videocalling function through the patient portal, click on the menu-link “Online Spreekkamer”.

Is that even possible, gynelogical consultation via videocalling?

No, not always of course. For physical examination you will have to come for a consultation in Schijndel. Sometimes videocalling, in times like these especially, can be very handy, and we can discuss this with you as an option. Even the initial consultation can be done over the phone or videocall, according to the Dutch Health Authority. It is vital that video or telephone consultations are prepared, handled and logged in our electronic patient document in the same way as a physical consultation, and you’ll have to do that as well. Prepare your questions in the same way as you would when coming to a physical appointment. 

How does videocalling work?

You will need a laptop or computer with a working webcam, microphone and speakers. If we schedule you in for videocall with the gynecologist, you’ll get a login-code from the assistant which can be used to log in to the patient portal. When you have received your username and password, go the this link on the webbrowser of your computer: https://karmenta.nl/login. After you have logged in an article will come up with instructions.

In the screen that will come up, you will first see yourself in through your webcam. Just like in a normal waiting room you will have to wait until the doctor calls for you. You will hear a notification sound and on the left of your screen you will have to accept the request to videocall by pressing the blue round button. Next you will see two screens underneath each other, with you at the top and the gynecologist at the bottom. 

In the right collumn “Online Spreekkamer” there is also functionality to make small drawings and to share pictures and the like with your gynecologist. You can also send “chats” to clarify things. 

At the end of your consultation, the gynecologist will break the connection with you. It is possible she’ll ask you to call the assistant as well, for further appointments and other things of that ilk.

Is this technic well secured?

The videocalling functionality uses the standard options for (modern) webbrowsers, you don’t need separate software or apps, and it works easily on all phones, tablets and iPads as well. It is well secured and the videostream is encrypted.

Chatting with the doctor during consultation

In the right collumn “Online Spreekkamer” there is functionality to chat (kind of like whatsapp), and to make drawings, and upload pictures to a kind of blackboard, and share them with the gynecologist.

At the end of the videocall the gynecologist will break the connection with you. It is possible she’ll ask you to call the assistant as well, for further appointments and other things of that ilk.

Tools available during videocall

You can write down your complaints on a (online) notepad. It’s a PDF-file with three pages, that you can print out and can draw, and indicate your complaints on.

pdfkladblok-afbeeldingen.pdf235.21 KB

Video with explanation for videocalling:



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